Testing the Kingsgate FireTV App


Testing the app on the Amazon Fire (TV/Stick/Phone/Tablet)

Step 1 – Email invitation

If you’re interested in testing the Kingsgate app on an Amazon device then your email address will be registered on the Amazon test platform (make sure you send me the same email address that you use to log into your Amazon device) and you will receive an email from Amazon like the example below. Make sure you click on the correct link for your Amazon market place (for most people this will be “Amazon.co.uk”)

amazon-1Step 2 – Downloading the app

When you click the link you’ll be asked to log into the Amazon website, and possibly asked to accept their terms and conditions. You’ll then see the app page, make sure that the correct device is listed under “Deliver to” because that is the device that the app will be automatically installed on. Then click “Get now with 1-Click” to


You’ll get a confirmation screen afterwards


Step 3 – Using the App

When you open your device, the Kingsgate app should automatically be listed under “Apps” in the menu.


You can then open the app and start testing!