Testing the Kingsgate Alexa Skill

What is it?

The Kingsgate Alexa Skill is an unofficial add-on for Amazon Alexa that allows you to listen to sermons from Kingsgate Community Church.

How can I use it?

Right now, the Kingsgate Alexa Skill is an unofficial skill that hasn’t be made publicly available. It is currently accessible to a small group of testers (called a Beta Test) to provide feedback. Once I have final permission from Kingsgate, I hope to publish the skill so that anyone can enable it on their Alexa device.

If you would like to be included in the testing you can signup online (remember to tick the box at the bottom asking to be added to the test).

What can you do?

The following commands are supported:

  1. Alexa, ask Kingsgate for the latest sermon” – This will open the skill and start playing the latest sermon
  2. Alexa, next” – This will move on to the next sermon (this moves onto the newest sermon, or if shuffle is enabled, it will move onto a random sermon)
  3. Alexa, go back” – Play the previous sermon
  4. Alexa, turn on shuffle” – Turns on shuffle mode, when you say “next” it will pick a Kingsgate sermon at random to play
  5. Alexa, turn off shuffle” – Turns shuffle mode off. When you say “next” it will play the next most recent sermon.
  6. Alexa, ask Kingsgate who this is” – Tells you the sermon title, speaker and date.

Get involved

There are two main ways you can get involved:

  1. Test the skill and give feedback – I would love to have more people testing the skill and letting me know if you run into any issues. I’d also love to hear about how you use it (do you just listen to the latest sermon, do you enable shuffle and enjoy listening to a random selection of sermons etc), and if you have any ideas of functionality you would like me to add
  2. Help with the software development – The code for the Alexa Skill is on my public Github page. I’m always happy for people to submit pull requests, you can take a look at issues and features that I plan to work on.