I’ve finally got my camera back, after my compact flash pin bent but a word of warning, make sure you remove battery before you send your camera off for repair (with a well known high-street photographic shop). I left my battery in my camera when I sent it off and it looks like someone’s helped themselves to it…
On the up-side it’s reminded me to write something on this blog (which I’ve been neglecting).


While spending a few days away in Norfolk last week with Church, my trusty Canon EOS 350D broke! I changed over a memory card only to see a message saying “error cf”, when I looked inside the compact-flash unit one of the connector pins had bent over, making the camera unusable!

Thankfully it’s less than 12 months old and I took out an extra three-year warranty and accidental damage cover, so it’s currently away for repair (which could take anything up to a month!)
While I was away I did manage to use Rach’s Canon EOS 400D to grab a few shots (which are now on flickr).

Telephone The old phone box About to fall... Droplets The Old Building

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