I’ve finally got my camera back, after my compact flash pin bent but a word of warning, make sure you remove battery before you send your camera off for repair (with a well known high-street photographic shop). I left my battery in my camera when I sent it off and it looks like someone’s helped themselves to it…
On the up-side it’s reminded me to write something on this blog (which I’ve been neglecting).

A little spring clean

I’ve decided it’s time to do something about the design of this blog, so I’ve knocked together a new design, as you can see (unless you’re reading this post in an RSS reader, in which case head over to the site and take a look).

Don’t get too excited tho, it’s a very (very) simple design. I’ve decided to stick to the motto “content is king” and not get distracted with a site that looks stunning (besides most people read things in RSS readers anyway).

There’s still a few areas that need some work, but the main parts are up and running, like comments, archives, categories, pages etc. I’ll get around to fixing the rest over the next few days.

Feel free to post comments with your thoughts and suggestions.

Las Vegas Trip

This post is a little late, but last week I spent four days in Las Vegas staying at the New York New York hotel on the main strip. It was a great few days, and my first trip to the united states, although being held up at the airport by customs for an hour and a half wasn’t great! Four days was just about the right amount of time to spend in Vegas, we had enough time to see all the sights without getting bored (after all once you’ve seen one casino they all start looking the same).

Some of the highlights of the trip have to be

Here’s some pictures from the trip:
The New York New York HotelInside the New York New York hotelThe sign for HootersThe New York New York Hotel at nightThe Eiffle Tower at the Paris HotelOutside Ceasers PalaceThe view from the Eiffle Tower looking over the stripThe Bellagio Hotel

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